We love to have fun on all of our photo shoots, but Kayla kept us laughing through the whole bridal shoot. We had a blast spending the day with her and Kayla and Brandon were just married this past Saturday so we can FINALLY show you some of the bridal portrait. Her dad owns a successful car repair shop and actually restores old gas pumps so we had to take a picture with one of them for him. Then we ended up at furman University for some amazing shots there to end the day there. You can also check out some of Kayla and Brandon's engagement photos. OK!!  I'll just stop talking and let you see some of Kayla's bridal portraits.

Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-5 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-6 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-7  Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-9Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-8 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-10 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-11 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-12 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-13 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-14 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-15 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-16 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-17 Furman-University-Bridal-Portrait-18 Gas-pump-Bridal-Portrait-1 gas-pump-Bridal-Portrait-2 gas-pump-Bridal-Portrait-3 gas-pump-Bridal-Portrait-4

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Daniel Yopp
Better Tie Productions