This wonderful wedding was at the beautiful Zen, located in Greenville SC. The cake was provided by the amazingly talented Holly with Holly's Cakes. We had a wonderful time photographing this lovely couple and their family. They were surrounded by their family and friends and you could tell they were loved. Take a look at just a few of their wedding photos below.

Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-1 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-2 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-3 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-4 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-5 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-6 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-7 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-8 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-9 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-10 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-11 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-12 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-13 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-14 Zen-Greenville-Wedding-Corbett-15

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