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Greenville SC Wedding Photography | Chrystal & Walt | Wedding Reception

I have actually known Chrystal forever and have been close to her family for almost 30 years now. So you can only imagine how happy I was to hear that she wanted us to be the wedding photographers capturing her and Walt's special day. Chrystal wanted a rustic outdoor reception with fun games for everyone there.  The tent was set up on her families land with the Blue Ridge Mountains as their backdrop! You couldn't ask for a better scenic view. Here's just a few  photos from that beautiful event. We are very pleased for the two of them and wish them only the best in their journey.

DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-1 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-2 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-3 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-4 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-5

Leave some love for this amazing couple, and let us know what you think.

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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