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Westin Poinsett Greenville, SC | Valerie | Bridal Portrait

We can finally show you some of Valerie's bridal portraits. Initially when we had picked the date we had a few out side shots planned but it turned out to be extremely hot that day we shot. So I had to change up our plans a bit, but it was no big deal - we still had fun and loved shooting inside the Westin Poinsett Hotel. We also photographed their wedding, engagement, and filmed their wedding as well. You can check those out at: Ryan & Valerie Wedding , Ryan & Valerie Engagement, Ryan & Valerie Trailer.

Here's just some of the photos we grabbed for Valerie's Bridal session.

westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-1 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-2 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-3 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-4 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-5 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-6 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-7 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-8 westin-poinsett-bridal-portrait-9

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Daniel Yopp
Better Tie Productions