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Jan + Robert Wedding | The Loom Simpsonville SC

I had the pleasure to meet Jan and Robert last year and talk with them about their small intimate wedding at The Loom. What two amazing people, and I loved their personalities and the family and guests were no less then crazy and fun. Take a look at some of fun we had with them and their guests!

Jan-Robert-Wedding-1 Jan-Robert-Wedding-2 Jan-Robert-Wedding-3 Jan-Robert-Wedding-4 Jan-Robert-Wedding-5 Jan-Robert-Wedding-6 Jan-Robert-Wedding-7 Jan-Robert-Wedding-8 Jan-Robert-Wedding-9 Jan-Robert-Wedding-10 Jan-Robert-Wedding-11 Jan-Robert-Wedding-12 Jan-Robert-Wedding-13 Jan-Robert-Wedding-14 Jan-Robert-Wedding-15 Jan-Robert-Wedding-16 Jan-Robert-Wedding-17


We wish this couple many years of happiness. Like always leave some love for the fun couple and let us know if we can be a part of capturing your amazing day!

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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Holly Tree Country Club Simpsonville SC | Erika | Bridal Portrait

I was so happy to hear that a good friend and fellow wedding professional Erika Ekloft was getting married! I was even happier to hear that she wanted us to photograph her wedding day.  It was such a pleasure to work with her and be a part of all the amazing plans she had for the wedding day and did she ever produce! We have pictures coming soon of the wedding day. But first take a look at some of her bridal portraits photographed at  Holly Tree Country Club. Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-3   Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-9 Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-10

Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-2 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-3Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-5 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-4Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-7 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-5  Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-7 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-8 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-9 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-10  Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-12 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-13 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-14 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-15 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-16 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-17 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-18


Leave some love and let us know what you think. Or even better shoot us an email and let us be a part of your special event.

Daniel Yopp
Better Tie Productions


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