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Brevard NC | Engagement Photo | Ashton + Josh

We were honored when Ashton came to us and asked us to be her and Josh's wedding photographer and wedding videographer. They had just moved to this little peaceful southern town of Brevard, NC to start their new lives together. This quaint town was too much to pass up with all its history and charm, so we opted to take their engagement photos there in Brevard, on their new property with horses and all.

We will be posting their wedding photos and wedding highlight video as well, so stay tuned.

Greenville SC | Twigs Tempietto | Wedding Photography | Tori + Barry |Better Tie Photo and Video

We have just finished Tory and Barry's wedding day photos and just can't wait for you to see all the fun that was had that day! The wedding and reception was at the amazing Twigs Tempietto and it was a pleasure to with Carrie T. Moore and Uptown Entertainment . Take a few minutes and look over some of their wedding photos from their day. You can also go here to see their engagement photos. Vendors:

Photography - Better Tie Productions

Coordinator - Carrie T. Moore

DJ - Uptown Entertainment

Venue - Twigs Tempietto

You can also go here to see all of the images from their special day, the password is the grooms last name #----->

Greenville SC | Furman University |   Engagement Photos | Tori + Barry | Better Tie Photo and Video

Greenville SC | Furman University | Engagement Photos | Tori + Barry | Better Tie Photo and Video

So we just recently had the pleasure to photography Tori and Barry's Wedding day, but we wanted to show you their engagement photo session first! They had so much fun and so it was just about capturing the two of them in the moments. We photographed their engagement photos at the beautiful Furman University in and around the Rose Garden. Take a look at just some of their photos below.  

Meredith | Bridal Portraits Charleston SC

This is the beautiful Meredith, who we had the pleasure to work with on her wedding. We can finally show you some of her bridal portraits from the day we spent with her. We photographed everything on the families private island. You can also take a look at her and Johns wedding day, and also the lighting from her wedding as well. Like always leave some love and let us know what you think. We would LOVE to meet you and work with you on your amazing wedding too, so just shoot us an email today!

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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Jan + Robert Wedding | The Loom Simpsonville SC

I had the pleasure to meet Jan and Robert last year and talk with them about their small intimate wedding at The Loom. What two amazing people, and I loved their personalities and the family and guests were no less then crazy and fun. Take a look at some of fun we had with them and their guests!

Jan-Robert-Wedding-1 Jan-Robert-Wedding-2 Jan-Robert-Wedding-3 Jan-Robert-Wedding-4 Jan-Robert-Wedding-5 Jan-Robert-Wedding-6 Jan-Robert-Wedding-7 Jan-Robert-Wedding-8 Jan-Robert-Wedding-9 Jan-Robert-Wedding-10 Jan-Robert-Wedding-11 Jan-Robert-Wedding-12 Jan-Robert-Wedding-13 Jan-Robert-Wedding-14 Jan-Robert-Wedding-15 Jan-Robert-Wedding-16 Jan-Robert-Wedding-17


We wish this couple many years of happiness. Like always leave some love for the fun couple and let us know if we can be a part of capturing your amazing day!

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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Erika + Cyuler Wedding | Advent United Methodist | Crowne Plaza Greenville SC

I have known Erika for years now she was/ is a fellow wedding professional. So we were very honored and excited to photography her and Cuylers wedding day.We had so much fun with them and their family and friends. The wedding was at the Advent United Methodist church, and the reception was at the newly renovated Crowne Plaza in Greenville SC.

Take a look at just a few of their wedding day photos, and also view some of Erika's bridal pictures as well.

Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-1 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-2 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-3 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-4 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-5 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-6 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-7 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-8 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-9 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-10 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-11 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-12 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-13 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-14 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-15 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-16 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-17 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-18 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-19 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-20 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-21 Erika-Cyuler-Wedding-22


Leave some love for this wonderful couple and let us know what you think.

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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Greenville SC Wedding Photography | Chrystal & Walt | Wedding Reception

I have actually known Chrystal forever and have been close to her family for almost 30 years now. So you can only imagine how happy I was to hear that she wanted us to be the wedding photographers capturing her and Walt's special day. Chrystal wanted a rustic outdoor reception with fun games for everyone there.  The tent was set up on her families land with the Blue Ridge Mountains as their backdrop! You couldn't ask for a better scenic view. Here's just a few  photos from that beautiful event. We are very pleased for the two of them and wish them only the best in their journey.

DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-1 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-2 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-3 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-4 DIY-wedding-outdoor-Chrystal-5

Leave some love for this amazing couple, and let us know what you think.

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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Historic Camden Revolutionary War site SC | Ten Eleven Galleria | Chaquora & Jeremy | Wedding Pictures

Take a look at some of the wonderful images we were able to capture during Chaquora and Jeremy's wedding day. The ceremony location was at the Historic Camden Revolutionary War site SC ,and the reception was at Ten Eleven Galleria. It was a pleasure to be their  wedding photographer.

Also make sure you check out their wedding trailer and soon we will post the engagement shoot too.

Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-1 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-2  Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-4 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-5 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-6 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-7 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-8 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-9 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-10 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-11 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-12 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-13 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-14 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-15 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-16 Camden-SC-Revolutionary-Wedding-17 Ten-Eleven-Gallaria-Wedding-1 Ten-Eleven-Gallaria-Wedding-2 Ten-Eleven-Gallaria-Wedding-4 Ten-Eleven-Gallaria-Wedding-5 Ten-Eleven-Gallaria-Wedding-6 Ten-Eleven-Gallaria-Wedding-7 Ten-Eleven-Gallaria-Wedding-3

Leave some love and let us know what you think.

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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Holly Tree Country Club Simpsonville SC | Erika | Bridal Portrait

I was so happy to hear that a good friend and fellow wedding professional Erika Ekloft was getting married! I was even happier to hear that she wanted us to photograph her wedding day.  It was such a pleasure to work with her and be a part of all the amazing plans she had for the wedding day and did she ever produce! We have pictures coming soon of the wedding day. But first take a look at some of her bridal portraits photographed at  Holly Tree Country Club. Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-3   Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-9 Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-10

Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-2 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-3Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-5 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-4Holly-Tree-Country_club-bridal-portrait-7 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-5  Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-7 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-8 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-9 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-10  Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-12 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-13 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-14 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-15 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-16 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-17 Holly_Tree_Bridal_Simpsonville_SC-18


Leave some love and let us know what you think. Or even better shoot us an email and let us be a part of your special event.

Daniel Yopp
Better Tie Productions


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