I love lighting!  All my friends and family members make fun of me because if I could ( meaning if my wife would let me) my whole house would be filled with theatrical lighting and every room would have it's own unique scene and emotional feel to it. Ever since I was young I can remember finding and playing with a couple of my dad's theatrical lights that he had.  Then I grew up a little (well in age) and my mom let me set up the Christmas tree one year, and when my parents came home they saw I had a 12' Christmas tree with 3000 Christmas tree lights 6 pin spots around the room shooting towards the tree and a fog machine, that had been wrapped like a present, shooting out the perfect amount a fog for you to see the light rays. Needless to say it didn't stay that way for longer then a day.

Setting them up and  learning how you can direct or audience attention to where ever you desire. It's always intrigued me how a color can change the whole mood of a scene or the way you feel. With that love I grew up involved in off-Broadway performances traveling with productions and learning how to set a scene and loved everything about it.

It's so cool to talk with a bride and groom now about the feel they are going for and helping to transform the room into the escape that they are wanting for their family and friends. It just adds so much to your photos and videos that otherwise you wouldn't have. I'm so glad that I can still get to use the skills that God gave me.

Well, one day you'll drive by my house and yes you will see light rays shooting out the windows like an alien ship had landed in it. You'll know that my wife left me unattended to long and I set up my own lighting scene in the house.

If you would like to add something special to your wedding (and no it will not look like a alien ship) then shoot me an email and lets talk.

Daniel Yopp

Cliffs Valley Lighting - with monogram