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Meredith + John Wedding | Charleston SC Wedding

This has been an amazing couple and family to work with. We actually filmed Meredith's sisters wedding 2 years ago. Then when Meredith and John was engaged we were asked if we could film, photograph, and light their wedding. It was great to work with Dave McMillian, Susan with Willrich Bridal, and bring all of our talents together to create an unforgettable wedding. This beautiful wedding was in Charleston SC on their private island. Take a look at just a few  photographs from that day. Also keep a look out for our blog on the lighting, her bridal and wedding trailer.


Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-1 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-2 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-3 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-4 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-5 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-6 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-7 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-8 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-9 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-10 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-11 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-12 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-13 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-14 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-15 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-16 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-17 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-18 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-19 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-20 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-21 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-22 Meredith-John-Wedding-Charleston-SC-23


Come back and look at the rest of the blogs on this beautiful wedding. Leave some love and let us know what you think or even better email us and let us help make your wedding stand out and special.

Daniel Yopp

Better Tie Productions


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Hilton Inn Greenville SC | Jasmin + Kayson Lighting | Uplighting & Lighting Monogram

I know I've said this before, but I LOVE to design and create uplighting for our clients and their events. It's definitely a passion of mine, and event lighting is my fuel. This wedding was for Jasmin and Kayson and the reception was at the Hilton Inn in Greenville SC. We had a lovely time working with them on setting up the place the night before to make sure everything was perfect. You can also check out our other blog post about their wedding, Engagement Session, and Wedding Day Photo.

Below is just some of the uplighting, and lighting monogram photos that we have.

Uplighting-Hilton-Inn-GreenvilleSC-1Wedding-Monogram-Hilton-Inn-1 Uplighting-Hilton-Inn-GreenvilleSC-7 Uplighting-Hilton-Inn-GreenvilleSC-6 Uplighting-Hilton-Inn-GreenvilleSC-4 Uplighting-Hilton-Inn-GreenvilleSC-3 Uplighting-Hilton-Inn-GreenvilleSC-2

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Let me know if we can help turn your event into the talk of the town!

Daniel Yopp
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Hilton Inn Greenville SC | Rocky Creek Baptist | Jasmin + Kayson Wedding

Hey Everyone!! Yes I know, I am behind on blogs. We have had a wonderfully busy summer and have had amazing clients to work with. Below is some of Jasmin & Kayson's wedding day pictures. We actually met them through Facebook of all places. They had seen some of our photos through another wedding. They loved the wedding pictures from a past wedding and wanted us to be their wedding photographer, and wedding videographers! Plus we took care of all their uplighting at Hilton Inn in greenville SC. I will be uploading their wedding trailer, uplighting photos, and her bridal shoot soon. You can also take a look at their engagement session that we photographed at Furman University.

But right now take a look at some of their wedding day photos.


Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-1 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-2 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-3 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-4 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-5 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-6 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-7 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-8 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-9 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-10 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-11  Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-13 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-14 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-17 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-18 Uplighting-Hilton-Inn-GreenvilleSC-4Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-19  Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-22 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-23 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-24Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-21 Hilton_Inn_Rockycreek_Baptist-20

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As always leave some love and let us know what you think!

Daniel Yopp
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Courtyard Marroitt Downtown Greenville SC | International Diversity Charity Event | UpLighting

I was honored when David Watkins with Simon Designs called and asked for us to help create a special event with him for the International Diversity Charity. This was an event put on by Rick Erwin. Jim with PPR installed the tent, lounge furniture, and barn tables and David designed the center pieces as well as an overall design of the entire event. We helped with lighting design helping with a few hanging fixtures. We washed the waterfall in an elegant blue, and the entire tent was also washed in that same deep blue. We had a spot light in the middle of the tent shooting down onto the dessert table to break up the room. There were 3 top chefs from Michelin creating some amazing dishes.

We were also honored to be the photographer for the night as well. Take a look at some of the uplighting from the event

Courtyard-marroitt-uplighting-7Courtyard-marroitt-uplighting-1 Courtyard-marroitt-uplighting-2 Courtyard-marroitt-uplighting-3 Courtyard-marroitt-uplighting-4 Courtyard-marroitt-uplighting-5 Courtyard-marroitt-uplighting-6

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As always leave some love or better yet email or call us about your event.

Daniel Yopp
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Huguenot Loft Peace Center Wedding | Wyman & Apple Wedding Lighting

Well if anybody knows me they know I love the Christmas season, the cold weather everything. Which is when this wedding was going to take place. So we received a call from Amy Osab with Amy Osaba Event, Floral, Design. from Alanta Georga who was planing a December wedding . She wanted us to help create a high end lighting collection for her clients. We enjoyed working with her and her team at the beautiful Huguenot Loft in downtown Greenville SC. She wanted it to be unquiet and different. We lit up the rafters in the main area where the cocktail hour was with white uplighting that was nestled in the rafters. The lights were wireless controlled so that we could change the colors at any time because the final color had not been decided yet. In the reception area we kept with a very warm white light almost candle color amber for all the uplights and was also controlled wireless. Over the main table was a floral design that we lit and above the bar was an arrangement that we lit as well. And a soft white light for the dance floor.

Take a look at some of the pictures and let us know what you think. Or just give us a call.

huguenot-loft-uplighting-1  huguenot-loft-uplighting-3 huguenot-loft-uplighting-4huguenot-loft-uplighting-2 huguenot-loft-uplighting-5

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Daniel Yopp
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Marroitt Pelham Road | George & Foula Wedding Lighting

Foula heard about us through word of mouth in Virgina for our creative uplighting design work. WOW! I didn't know word of mouth traveled so far but what an honor to work with them and their family on their wedding. They came to me with some ideas and we went from there to create something special for them - from uplighting in a candle light color, custom monogram on the dance floor, and a spot light that followed them in for their first dance. The party went from 7pm until 4am everything went great and everyone seamed to have an amazing time. Take a look below and let us know what you think or email us and lets work on your wedding or special event.

Marroitt_Pelham_road_uplighting01 Marroitt_Pelham_road_uplighting02 Marroitt_Pelham_road_uplighting03 Marroitt_Pelham_road_uplighting04


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As always leave some love and let us know what you think and how we can help make your wedding look amazing.

Daniel Yopp
Better Tie Productions

Valerie + Ryan Wedding Photo

Hey Everyone, I know I am behind on Blogs, we have been staying busy and I'm so excited for this coming year. A couple weeks ago we posted Valerie & Ryan's video wedding trailer, you can see it here Valerie+ Ryan Trailer. You can also check out their engagement pictures  too at Valerie & Ryan E-session. We are so excited to share some of their wedding pictures with you this week. I hope you enjoy looking at them I loved being able to capture some great images and be a part of there family even if it was just for the day.

The ceremony location was at Covenant United Methodist Church and reception was at the Huguenot Loft. We also provided lighting support for their wedding as well.

Valerie + Ryan Wedding Trailer

We had the pleasure of working with Valerie and Ryan on their beautiful wedding. I'll do 3 posts on their wedding as we photographed, filmed, and provided the lighting for them. I provided the uplighting at the reception, which was done at the beautiful Huguenot Loft. All of the decorations were set up and designed by Susan Sanford and her team at Willrich Bridal as well as coordinating the entire event. We also provided the wedding photography of the event too but will post that later. This blog is about their wedding videography. I had an amazing time working on their wedding videos. It was tough to go through all of the footage and not use it all.  We were able to capture so many great moments and loved creating some wonderful videos for them to have for a life time.

Here is just a sample of of their wedding day with this Highlites trailer.

Harris + Mattfeld Wedding Trailer from Better Tie Productions on Vimeo.


As always leave some love and let us know what you think!

Daniel Yopp
Better Tie Productions

Lighting for Lancia + Westbrook Wedding

Hey Guys!  We have been staying busy but I'm trying to catch up some on our blogs. I'm so excited to tell you about this amazing project that we have been working on. Christine with Faust Events came to me about an exciting wedding and we loved working with her to create a lighting system that worked with a clear tent.

So on Saturday October 20th we had the pleasure of uplighting the Reception of Lancia + Westbrook in downtown Greenville at the new Marriott Courtyard. It was our first time lighting up this location, and the staff was great to work with.

This was a unique job as the bride had colors picked out for the event but when the reception went into full swing she wanted the whole tent to change colors through out the night corresponding with the mood of the music. The tent came alive once the sun set and the lights transformed the ordinary tent into a wash of colors, dancing into the night. We provided both the uplighting for the walls, white over head lights, and lights for the dance floor. Here are a few of the images from the special day.


Lighting the reception for Chris & Tracey

Lighting is a big passion of mine. So when I receive a call or email saying, how can you make this reception site more "us", I get really excited.  And when you take an already beautiful location like The Cliffs Club house, and expound in it. The outcome is amazing. With years of doing off-Broadway lighting, I was able to learn what effects peoples moods and how lighting can transform you from a church gym to a rain-forest feeling, just with lighting. So we were able to work with The Cliffs Club house feeling and make the mood more unique to the bride and groom. -Daniel Yopp

"In preparation for our wedding reception my husband and I perused many wedding magazines- what stood out to us was that the most interesting and warm looking receptions came alive by the addition of professional lighting. Our wedding planner recommended Better Tie Productions in Greenville, South Carolina. It was one of the best recommendations we could of received during our wedding planning. Daniel Yopp made our reception memorable to all that attended with uplighting, wall monogram, highlighting our cake and dance floor. The reception venue said they had never seen the room look better!. Thank you Better Tie Productions... you have our highest praises!"  Tracey Pine (Bride)

(Note: These pictures were take in May at 3pm with no clouds, all  shades open for full room shots. We use high powered LED lights - NOT dj lighting which means even in daylight you can still see the effect.)
Cliffs Valley Lighting - detailed shot