Lighting is a big passion of mine. So when I receive a call or email saying, how can you make this reception site more "us", I get really excited.  And when you take an already beautiful location like The Cliffs Club house, and expound in it. The outcome is amazing. With years of doing off-Broadway lighting, I was able to learn what effects peoples moods and how lighting can transform you from a church gym to a rain-forest feeling, just with lighting. So we were able to work with The Cliffs Club house feeling and make the mood more unique to the bride and groom. -Daniel Yopp

"In preparation for our wedding reception my husband and I perused many wedding magazines- what stood out to us was that the most interesting and warm looking receptions came alive by the addition of professional lighting. Our wedding planner recommended Better Tie Productions in Greenville, South Carolina. It was one of the best recommendations we could of received during our wedding planning. Daniel Yopp made our reception memorable to all that attended with uplighting, wall monogram, highlighting our cake and dance floor. The reception venue said they had never seen the room look better!. Thank you Better Tie Productions... you have our highest praises!"  Tracey Pine (Bride)

(Note: These pictures were take in May at 3pm with no clouds, all  shades open for full room shots. We use high powered LED lights - NOT dj lighting which means even in daylight you can still see the effect.)
Cliffs Valley Lighting - detailed shot